June 7th 2018

In times of unrest and uncertainty, it is always good to have a respite from the craziness. We at ShemaleXstreams hope that we can provide you with a little relief, titillation, and flat out nasty sex to take your minds off of everything else!

If you experience any temporary inability to access the site over the next week, or if there are any glitches in operation, please bear with us - and let us know if any problems occur. We are in process of moving servers to our new partner, Lightspeedcash.com. It is fairly normal to have a bug or two. The wait is worth it!!

THE NEW ShemaleXstreams IS HERE! All NEW LOOK, TONS of additional stuff inside - 80 feeds - and they all work! More of everything you know and love - the best original photos, the best original videos - and SO MUCH MORE! We are now a TRUE megasite!

For the first update on the NEW ShemaleXstreams, we give you a second session with Jenna, our dirty little Las Vegas slut! Jenna gets very kinky with a new little toy for her balls! Plus a tiny sample of her next round with the monster black cock!

AND - a NEW TGIRL - Tiffany. Tiffany hails from the Bay Area - San Francisco, and she is a very shy young thing. In her first set, Tiffany shows us that although she may be a bit shy, certain parts of her anatomy show no signs of shyness! As the month moves on, we will be adding even MORE to the members area. We want to give you the BEST for your buck, and plenty of it, too!

May 21st 2018


With this update we start a new chapter at ShemaleXstreams! As you all can see, there is a new look on the outside, and by next update there will be BIG changes on the inside!

We are very excited to announce that ShemaleXstreams is now a part of Lightspeedcash, one of the fastest growing and most respected adult internet companies around today. They have a large number of very hot sites, and we are VERY proud to be a part of their group!

By next update there will be a number of changes to the members area - TWO XXX Bonus areas with more than 60 feeds, tons and tons of videos, photos, Ezines, and more! A new photo section with 1000's of pure TS hardcore pics! A new TS feed section with tons of streaming video! A club section giving you the inside info on TS friendly clubs across the US! Of course, our resident TSlut Susanna will continue to keep you up to date on her XXX adventures!

ShemaleXstreams will continue to provide you with the best in original, exclusive Shemale pics, videos, stories, and more! Now we can say without reservation that ShemaleXstreams is a TRUE Shemale/Transsexual megasite!

For our March windy update, we have a real treat - Rayne is back for another series! Our Cher lookalike takes whip in hand and thigh-high boots on her gorgeous legs, and puts all of you guys on your knees for her! Oooh! Such HORRIBLE torture! Beat me! Beat me!

Another new Tgirl joins us - Jenna! Jenna is a hot performer in Las Vegas, and for her first series, she gives us her version of Marilyn Monroe! Check out the finish with her rendition of " Happy Birthday"!

There will be much more coming as we transition into Lightspeed! Thanks for all the support from our members - it is your loyalty and longevity that have kept us moving forward into this, a new era for ShemaleXstreams!

May 3rd 2018

Hey! It's May! School is coming to a close, Summer is drawing near - where does the time go?

In the spirit of something new and refreshing, we have a dandy update for you! First, we have the final episode with our cutesy tgirl form Vegas - Tiffany! This time Tiffany gives you all she has - a BIG load! We had to split the video in two parts, she got so hot! Tiffany is a real sweet young thing with a BIG cock, and BOY, can she unload! Wow!

A World Premier - we introduce you to one of the hottest young beauties we have seen in a long time - Carmen! Carmen is truly an all-american girl, from Texas! She now lives in LA, by the beach, of course! Carmen is educated, multi-lingual, and just hot and horny as hell! Right after this photo shoot she got spotted by a couple of video companies, and has been working her tush off ( literally ) doing XXX videos one right after the other. That's what happens when a fresh face hits the industry.We at ShemaleXstreams are privileged to have the very first photos and videos of Ms. Carmen. You will be seeing a lot of her very soon! Meanwhile, she is all ours.

There will be lots more new stuff coming very soon. We are compiling our nationwide club directory ( it is taking a lot longer than expected because we are verifying every club first ). We will be adding 6 more hot video feeds by next update, as well as some more XXX hardcore galleries. Oh, yes, Susanna has been on the road, and it has all sorts of XXX nasty tales to tell! That girl is ALWAYS getting into some sort of XXX trouble!

Stay tuned! We are dedicated to making ShemaleXstreams the biggest and best TS site of them all!

April 18th 2018

The Easter Bunny is coming on Sunday! Our ShemaleXstreams Easter Bunny Kirsten wants to make sure that you have a Very Happy Easter! She has no eggs in her basket - but she has a very big basket!

Our latest bunny to join ShemaleXstreams - Pamela Fontini, has a VERY big basket for your pleasure! Pamela is a sweet, not quite so innocent Latina tgirl with a great smile, great body, and a great big ----!

To top off our easter basket, Jenna gives it her all, and more, as she creates " Snow-capped Mountains! ", her version of April Showers! This is the finale of our dirty little Vegas tramp Jenna's romp in the hay!

February 14th 2018

What! It's February already? Valentines Day is next Friday. We at ShemaleXstreams wish you all a Happy Valentines day! Our own Kirsten has a nice Valentine treat for you on the opening page. USDA choice treat! Oh, that's right, we are only discussing the box of chocolates!

For Valentines Day, we bring you the Climax of our encounter with the absolutely statuesque Ashley, our Vegas blonde bombshell! Ashley is simply divine in purple on the Luxorious bed, as she gives you almost twenty minutes of solo bed work, and a creamy climax just for Valentines! Don't forget to drop in to the Las Vegas Lounge when you go to Vegas, and say hello to Ashley, Angelina, and Tandy!



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