AVNOnline August 2001, page 178
Review of www.ShemaleXstreams.com

Review follows:
(not to be released until August 1, 2001, please)

   "This transgender Website is memorable for a number of reasons: extremely high-quality visuals, the initial shock value that yes, these beautiful women are "chicks with dicks," and one of the cutest logos we've ever seen.

   The tour is fairly extensive, with a good selection of images that hint at the bounty within the members area. The accompanying verbiage is brief, to the point, and hard-hitting -- leaving us to wonder how anyone interested in the tranny niche could resist joining the site.

   As a whole, the site is well organized, and the membership fees are straightforward: $19.95 per month, no options. Third-party billing companies that evaluate their clients' statistics regularly -- like CCBill and iBill -- now suggest that the no-options monthly billing plan not only is the simplest to institute and maintain, but also is the most profitable.

   In addition to its content offerings for surfers, the site also runs a transsexual top list for Webmasters -- a great idea to attract Webmaster and affiliate traffic to sites that operate in what might be considered a relatively small niche. The partnership program, administered by CCBill, pays 50 percent of initial signups and all recurring billings."